Attento Interaction

UX Research

Plan and deliver research for products, services and designs

  • For product discovery and proposition development.
  • For testing or validating product/service/design ideas.
  • Custom built plan to suit the timeline, budget and research objectives.
    • Methodolgies may include extremely lean five minute testing, guerialla testing, in-depth interviews, ethnographic studies, jobs to be done approach #jtbd and exploration of related quantitative data such as analytics and surveys.
  • Moderated in-person, remote sessions or self-testing, including international research.
  • Actionable findings, not stuffy reports with videos where appropriate.
  • Help you act on the findings using extensive UX design and agile product development and management experience.

UX Design

Lean design of tools, sites and services

  • Wireframing, prototyping and journey mapping.
  • Using the leanest tools and approaches with just the right level of fidelity required for the type and phase of the project.
  • Experience in web app design

Product management

  • Creating and managing the roadmap, a prioritized backlog.
  • Writing clear user stories.
  • Both discovery and delivery agile streams to keep the longer term proposition framing the immediate delivery.

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