The Attento Ltd has a very simple and clear privacy policy, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Attento ltd. does not collect any contact or other personal data for marketing purposes. Contact or other personal data is obtained only in three cases outlined below.

  1. If you make contact through the website contact form, your details will temporarily be processed by the website until transferred to email. Thereafter your details will be processed by Google Suite email.
  2. If you are a client then any contact details you provided are retained solely for communication about the project and follow-up. This typically includes your email address, mobile and/or landline numbers, name and job title. These details will be retained for up to five years after the last engagement unless you request them to be removed sooner.
  3. If you are a research participant, we ask recruiters not to provide your full name or contact details as far as possible. Where this is necessary for logistics such as calling to confirm attendance, your personal details will include first name and mobile number. If you agree in advance to a home visit then your address will be stored. If geolocation is a key factor in research then, with your prior agreement, the first part of your postcode of town may be recorded. Your data will be stored in a spreadsheet on Google Drive and/or Dropbox for the duration of the research but will be destroyed within one month of completion of the project.

In either case 2 or 3, your details will be processed by Google Suite and iCloud Contacts. Additionally, any related data, without any personally identifiable information, may be processed by Dropbox, iCloud, Google Suite, Airtable.

In all cases, you may ask to see any data Attento Ltd has about you at any time and you may ask to have it deleted at any time.
If Attento Ltd becomes aware that any data relating to you may have become compromised, then we will notify you and the ICO immediately.

Should any contract or research agreement be in place between you and Attento Ltd, then these may have more specific data processing, requesting and deletion terms which override the general terms stated here.